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Perhaps it was there all along.

Perhaps it wasn't.


It has been said, though not outloud, that the Pepperpot Portal is a window into the soul.

It has been said that it is nothing but an insignificant gap, filled with botched scrawls and badly polished gew-gaws.


Who knows?

Not us, dear reader, not us.


But it is home.

Simply home. As simple as we.

A little rattly, a little scuffed. But good natured and gentle.

Surely, one or two of us are a little grumpy around the edges or prone to the terrors.

And critical, oh dear we can be...

But well enough to visit with, for a while at least.

And we're glad you did.

Stay as long as you like.


Even leave a little something for us.

When the corns are gone to dust the sweet folds and fibres of a good tale will fill our bellies quite nicely thank-you.


Illustrations copyright Joel Stewart 2005